WDW #429

🗞 Highlights

Space, grids, and layouts
Elliot’s walk through shows the basics of defining spatial base units, creating relationship rules with grids, and bringing it all together for modern UI layouts.
Elliot Dahl (UI Layout)

Photos or illustrations: which is better for your website
Which of the two mediums performs better and in what situations
Bogdan Sandu (Visuals)

Designing a better back button UX
With the “Back” button, users often get confused and frustrated. How to design a better back button UX and where to put those “Back” buttons in our interfaces.
Vitaly Friedman (Design Patterns, Usability)

Infinite scrolling: when to use it, when to avoid it
Infinite scrolling minimizes interaction costs and increases user engagement, but it isn’t a good fit for every website. For some, pagination or a Load More button will be a better solution.
Tim Neusesser (UI, Design Patterns)

15 best new fonts
In this collection brought by Ben Moss, we’ve got traditional slab-serifs, some original scripts, a couple of workhorses, and plenty of characterful display faces.
Ben Moss (Inspiration, Typography)

🛠 Tools / Code / Resources

Simplify your color palette with css color-mix()
While CSS color-mix() only blends two colors together, this little function may be the key to maximizing your colors without maximum effort.
Daniel Yuschick (CSS)

Building the main navigation for a website
This tutorial describes how to build an accessible main navigation of a website.
Manuel Matuzović (HTML)

The 10 most common javascript issues developers face
Common problems that are important to be aware of and avoid in one’s quest to become a master JavaScript developer.
Ryan J. Peterson (JavaScript)

kmenu 🔨
A library to help you give your users a refined, accessible and faster website navigation experience

HTML size analyzer 🔨
Analyze HTML size and catch bloat like inline images, large React hydration state, or code duplication.