WDW #427

🗞 Highlights

Muted color palettes that speak volumes
Muted colors are the opposite of vivid colors, and they are created by simply adding black, white, or complementary colors to a base color, making them grayed, dulled, or desaturated.
Olivia Hoskin (Inspiration)

An unnecessarily detailed look at the design of the login screen
Login is not something users will often see, but it’s worth putting thought into because it’s a rare connection between the brand and experience of most digital products.
Christian Beck (UI/UX Design)

10 Best fonts for UX Design (2022)
When your project does not have a preassigned font (from brands or clients), it could be a hard decision as to which typeface to go for.
UX Connections (Typography)

💡 Banila Studio
Inspirational website of the week.
Banila Studio (Inspiration)

🛠 Tools / Code / Resources

CSS border animations
There’s a multitude of possibilities to animate borders in CSS.

CSS grid’s implicit grid and auto-placement powers
Temani Afif (CSS Tricks) exploring different ways that can be helpful when building grids.

Docusaurus 2.0 🎉
It is a React/Node.js static site generator used to built beautiful documentation websites. It’s a tool that you can customize so that your documentation website really respects your branding, by Meta (Facebook).

Finer grained control over CSS transforms with individual transform properties
Transform elements with the translate, rotate, and scale properties.

Hand-picked CSS gradients on UI elements 🔨
See gradients applied on common UI elements on a live demo website.

⚡ Snippets