WDW #426

🗞 Highlights

50+ practical UI/UX design tips
A tweet full of great tips.
Erik D. Kennedy (UI/UX design)

Can SVG symbols affect web performance?
The more fancy looking, the more complex your SVG is. And so, it increases the size of your HTML document and the number of elements the browser will have to parse. Bart got great results with this optimisation.
Bart Stefański (Performance)

15 common beginner JavaScript mistakes
Always spend a bit of time and energy on formatting your code correctly with indentation, spacing, etc. This will make it much easier for you to read as well as anyone else that might read your code.
James Quick (JavaScript)

Analyzing Apple Music’s UX
What Apple Music gets wrong, from the eyes of Jake Dragash.
Jake Dragash (UI/UX Design)

10 tips for using colors in UI Design
Ten practical tips on how to choose colors and use them in your user interface design.
Nick Babich (UI Design, Coloring)

🗞 Tools / Resources

Solving “the dangler” conundrum with container queries and :has()
Avoiding the odd number of items in the feature grid.

UI Buttons
If you lack imagination for your buttons, look no further. Every style imaginable.

<article> vs. <section>: How to choose the right one
In this article, Olushuyi helps you decide between the <article> and <section> elements when writing documents by having in mind the end-users who read our pages from an URL and others who have to interact with our markup.

WebGi camera landing page 📸
A template for building scrollable landing pages. Check the final result and the video walkthrough.

Scroll for cascading text effects
Dozens of scrolling text effects created by Jhey (CodePen).

⚡ Snippets