WDW #425

πŸ—ž Highlights

How a small change to U.S. quarters is part of a big trend in logo design
Which side are your logos facing? πŸ™ƒ
James I. Bowie (Logo Design)

Design Principles: why a design works
Designing with principles is the gold standard methodology designers can rely on when feeling a bit lost or running out of ideas, so understanding the principles of design and how they interact is vital for all designers.
Miklos Philips (UI/UX Design)

15 inspirational modern logo design examples
Key trends highlighted by this article when designing your next logo β€” 3D, great typography, monochrome, and simplified logos.Β 
Samantha Hops (Inspiration)

4 critical UI elements of remarkable interfaces
Alka shares her thoughts on how designing UI elements isn’t limited to designing clever buttons or impressive icons.
Alka Jha (UI Design)

How Google redesigned the Chrome icon
After more than eight years, Google introduced a refreshed version of the Chrome icon.
Google (Design)

πŸ—ž Tools / Resources

Date picker
How to design a date picker that makes your UI design shine.

Refresh the page in JavaScript
JS reload window tutorial.

Future CSS tips
Nice effect. Use :has() to power <form> micro-interactions and theme 😎 No JavaScript.

Masonry? In CSS?!
The current state of masonry in CSS.

Dark mode toggle
A complete guide to adding dark mode to your website πŸŒ—

CSS Scan 3.0 πŸ”§
This browser extension is very powerful. Allow us to analyze, copy and edit CSS from every website, directly in the browser, without using the “Inspect Element”. It’s a life-time deal (LTD). Huge promo only until July 31st. Must-have tool for developers.

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