WDW #422

🗞 Highlights

UI tips: A guide to creating world class forms
Poorly designed forms can affect the experience your users have of your digital projects and services.
Sarah Edwards (UI)

The right space around headings in web typography
Oliver reviews a website and applies four major improvements. See the before and after.
Oliver Schöndorfer (Typography)

How Netflix creates immersive UX Design and what we can learn from them
Do you know how much Netflix users spend picking something to watch? Stephanie tell us why.
Stephanie Hong (UX, UI Design)

3 essential design trends
Pastel color palettes, fonts with a distinct retro look and dark “product” sites.
Carrie Cousins (Inspiration)

Simplify interface to amplify your website
You know the UI UX design is working when your customers don’t notice it at all.
Alka Jha (UI Design)

🗞 Tools / Resources

If you are like me, and you use screenshots as graphics, then you will like this fast image editing tool. They have a free version.

Dark mode toggles should be a browser feature
There should be easier ways to switch Dark Mode on a per-site basis. Ideally, switching/overriding should be a simple button at the browser level.

My wonderful HTML email workflow
Josh shows how his able to write newsletter issues in the exact same way he write blog posts.

My dumbest CSS mistakes
We learn a lot from other people’s mistakes, in this case from Geoff Graham 😁

CSS Shadow Gradients tool
A shadow gradient is a shadow that contains a transition between two or more colors.

⚡ Snippets