WDW #420

🗞 Highlights

The rise and fall of neumorphism
A design style that started around 2020. But how and why neumorphism’s come in and out of fashion so quickly? Jeff Cardello shares is point of view.
Jeff Cardello (Design)

Get inspired: Retro branding with a modern twist
The retro design style creates a sense of familiarity and connection with viewers that can only be described as the feeling of nostalgia.
Renee Fleck (Inspiration)

What is minimalist web design in simple words
Today, the minimalist website design is a simple and laconic design, created with minimal visual elements. This article talks about principles, real examples, and features of this design style.
Gapsy (UI Design)

Font pairings by Google
If you need inspiration, check this handpicked Google Fonts pairings by Sehee Lee, Senior designer at Google Fonts.
Sarah Daily (Typography)

🛠 Tools / Resources

Better scrolling through modern CSS
Mayank shares some tips to improve the scrolling experience by customising scrollbars.
Mayank (CSS)

Please give me some space
Last week we talked about creating spaces using HTML. This week will do it with CSS.
Geoff Graham (CSS)

SVG Spinners (GitHub)
A collection of 24 x 24 dp SVG spinners! Always handy.
Utkarsh Verma (SVG)

Two lines of CSS that boosts 7x rendering performance
According to Murtaza, the use cases for this is when you have a huge list/grid of data that needs to render at the mount of the application. For example with static websites.
Murtaza Nathani (CSS, Site Speed)

⚡ Snippets