WDW #419

🗞 Highlights

Atkinson Hyperlegible font
Atkinson Hyperlegible is a typeface created in partnership with Braille Institute. It has been developed specifically to increase legibility for readers with low vision, and to improve comprehension.
Material.io (Typography)

What’s the best lossless image format? (PNG, WebP, AVIF or JPEG XL)
Johannes explains what’s a lossless image, when to use it and which format to choose, by comparing multiple formats. Can PNG be beaten?
Johannes Siipola (Imagery)

Three essential design trends
Some rule-breaking trends in this month’s collection to shake your design routine.
Carrie Cousins (Design)

The surprising psychology of fonts
A study run by Monotype shows how fonts can trigger an emotional response, sometimes by more than 10%. But also they are subjective, and can mean different things to different people.
Fast Company (Typography)

Why most design systems implode
Design systems have penetrated the space between design and development. In this interview, Brad Frost provides a guide for teams to understand the skills and workflows required to produce high-quality design systems.
Michael Chan (UI, Front-end development)

🛠 Tools / Resources

How to animate SVG shapes on scroll
A short tutorial on how to animate SVG paths while smooth scrolling a page.
Mary Lou (Scrolling)

Super designer
A collection of free design tools to create unique backgrounds, patterns, shapes.

10 practical CSS tricks every developer should know
CSS tips that you can use in your everyday life. You will find their application in a lot of situations.
Juan Ambriz (CSS)

HTML space – How to add spaces in HTML
Five ways to add space to your HTML.
Quincy Larson (HTML)

Lesser-known and underused CSS features in 2022
CSS evolves constantly, with more features added each year. This article will delve into some unnoticed CSS properties and selectors.
Adrian Bece (CSS)

⚡ Snippets