WDW #418

🗞 Highlights

15 Web Design Principles for a Customer-Friendly Website
Building a visually-appealing website is more than a fun project. This article shows how to build trust, look professional, stand out and drive more traffic.
Jeremy Holcombe (Web Design)

Spotify’s Embodiment of Emotional Design
Utilising emotional design will make users feel like they are getting something out of investing time and money in a product. This article talks about three pillars of emotional design: visceral, behavioural and reflective.
Jasmine Bilham (Design, UX)

What Are Web-Safe Colors?
While all designers give due importance to selecting colors, one additional step that we can add is opting for web-safe colors.
Line25 (Coloring)

Font Matrix – See & Pair Typefaces Like Never Before
Another article from Oliver with a new way of looking at typefaces, that can help find better type combinations, faster.
Oliver Schöndorfer (Typography)

Top Color Trends to Inspire You in 2022
This year’s color trends do not follow a strict, cohesive narrative but rather aim to expand the reach of chromatic potential through contextualisation.
Ana Hercigonja (Design, Coloring)

🛠 Tools / Resources

Four Tradeoffs When Designing Navigation Menus
No menu can do everything. This were where the tradeoffs enter.
Dan Brown (Design)

Those HTML Attributes You Never Use
Louis talks about lesser-used attributes and a whole bunch of attributes he didn’t even know existed.
Louis Lazaris (HTML)

CSS Weekly (Newsletter)
Weekly e-mail roundup of CSS articles, tutorials, experiments, and tools curated by Zoran Jambor. Must-have for CSS developers.

A Perfect Table of Contents with HTML + CSS
Creating a table of contents with nothing but HTML and CSS, flexible enough to accommodate chapters and subsections.
Nicholas C. Zakas (HTML, CSS)

Learn the Logic of Great Typography
Interactive Typography Tutorial – a step-by-step interactive tool teaching the principles of great typography.
Learn UI Design (Typography)

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