WDW #417

🗞 Highlights

The era of rebellious web design is here
Koloskus said the following about nostalgic design: “If you’re only ever trying to recreate something that already happened, then you’re missing out on a lot of really good opportunities“.
Angelica Frey (UI Design)

How can your UI designs stand out through typography?
To achieve successful user interfaces, typography should be considered a powerful element to work with.
Joana Boavida (Typography)

The optimal line length
Quick tip from the article: “Providing users with text line lengths of 80 characters or fewer is one step toward more readable text on a site.” I need to adjust the newsletter, we got 85 😅
Edward Scott (Readability)

Bringing page transitions to the web (YouTube)
Create page transitions on the web as you do on apps. Presented on Google I/O 2022.
Jake Archibald (Design)

Why do we have rounded corners
Did you know rounded corners make your site visitors feel more comfortable and safe? Check this and other conclusions.
Lucy Turner (Graphic & Web Design)

🛠 Tools / Resources

AI Color palette generator (Huemint)
Huemint uses machine learning to generate colors for graphic design. Instead of generating a flat palette and leaving you to figure out how to apply it, it can generate colors based on how each color will be used in the final design.

Magical SVG techniques
From generative SVG grids to SVG paths with masks, grainy SVG gradients, cut-out effects and fractional SVG stars.

Glitch effect on text
Glitch effect on a pure css version, taking in consideration Tor Browser security settings.

New CSS selectors that make your life easier
This article focuses on new features that are available for the CSS selectors.
:where() :is() :has()?

Balanced color palettes
George Francis shares his technique of creating balanced color palettes.

⚡ Snippets