WDW #416

🗞 Highlights

Web typography gets colorful
Color fonts have the potential to really grab a user’s attention, making them perfect for landing pages and banners. They may not be something you reach for often, but they promise new expressive and creative possibilities for web design that can make your site stand out.
Ollie Williams (Typography)

Designing a better language selector
The country and language selector might appear like a quite trivial design challenge, but there are plenty of fine details that make or break the experience. In this article, you have a checklist made by Vitaly Friedman with a few important guidelines to consider when designing a better language selector.
Vitaly Friedman (Usability, UX)

It’s time we fix the unethical design of cookie consent windows
The cookie consent window is part of everyone’s browsing experience. Should we be forced to accept all cookies? Nicat share’s its thoughts on how to design an ethical and transparent cookie consent window.
Nicat Manafov (Design)

The State of CSS 2022
Google IO 2022 brought us new styling APIs: container queries, subgrid, color functions, and more.
Adam Argyle (CSS)

Please stop using grey text
Andrew Somers shares his view on using grey text and provides several tips to improve readability, how to properly use dark mode, text size, and more…
Andrew Somers (UX)

🛠 Tools / Resources

Building a combined CSS-aspect-ratio-grid
Nils Binder had a problem: build a layout with several rows, each row had two images with a fixed aspect ratio, the same height and had to fill the entire row. See how he fix it.

Learn CSS Subgrid
The problem that subgrid is expected to solve, how it works, and a few potential use-cases for it, by Ahmad Shadeed.

Disabling my favicon: how and why
If you don’t have a favicon on your website then every page load is accompanied by a second request for a favicon.ico file that will always come back as Not Found. How do you handle this?

Nice tool if you have testimonials on your website. Convert tweets to static HTML. Above example using Rob’s (one of our readers) tweet.

Curated directory with more than 120,000 SVG logos and icons.

How to optimize images for your website 📽 (youtube)
In this video, you will find six tips you can use to optimize images on your website.

⚡ Snippets