WDW #415

🗞 Highlights

If design principles are for designs, then design values are for designers
Design teams should consider defining a unique set of design values for their designers. They can make these design values more obvious on their design systems and websites.
Darren Yeo (Design)

Boosting UX with design KPIs
Consider establishing design KPIs alongside business KPIs and create a more holistic and healthy mix of metrics that capture user experience and business goals.
Vitaly Friedman (UX, Design)

The “dark yellow problem” in design system color palettes
When designers try to strike a balance between “yellow being yellow” and meeting the accessibility requirements.
Lodestar Design (Color Palette)

20 inspirational new sites
In this month’s collection, Paddi celebrates confidence and accentuate the positive.
Paddi Macdonnell (Inspiration)

Roboto … but make it Flex
Google’s most popular font gets customizable with the launch of Roboto Flex. The update comes with a huge range of weights and widths across optical sizes, plus additional capabilities for fine-tuning.
Google Fonts (Typography)

🛠 Tools / Resources

How to build a great theme toggle switch
How to build your own accessible switch to toggle dark and light mode on your own website. 💡 Curiosity: Did you know dark mode saves more battery power?

Creating a firework effect with CSS
A firework effect with CSS that only requires one HTML element.

Ordering CSS declarations
When you find CSS written with care, it reinforces that CSS is worthy of writing with care.

CSS custom borders
🔧 Customise your borders angle, size and side.

Deep dive into text wrapping and word breaking
Codersblock shares various ways to control how text wraps on a web page.

⚡ Snippets