WDW #413

🗞 Highlights

How To Make A Moodboard For Your Brand
A complete guide to present an initial idea to clients or team members.
Darya Troncoso (UI Design)

Best Font for Online Reading
New insights into online reading that will make us think harder about how to design text-heavy web pages.
Jakob Nielsen (Typography)

Psychology in Web Design: How to Use It Right
See how you can leverage space, typefaces, arrangement, shapes, and colors in your web design, in order to create a website that is both visually appealing and effective at getting your message across.
David Morneau (UI Design)

Get inspired by beautiful design that celebrates our planet
Inspiration from pro-Earth shots + free earth icon set by designer Parham Marandi.
Renee Fleck (Inspiration)

Designers are spending too much time designing UI variations manually
Teisanu Tudor (UI Design)

🛠 Tools / Resources

Free loaders & spinners for your next project. Built with HTML, CSS and SVG.

The Front-End Developer’s Guide to the Terminal
A manual of terminal fundamentals needed to work with modern JS frameworks, so you can move onto the fun stuff: building user interfaces!

Naming Variants
An approach to naming Variants in Figma and keeping them organised.

A Practical Guide to Centering in CSS
Vertical and horizontal use cases for centering text and div elements in CSS

Reasonable Colors
Open-source color system for building accessible, nice-looking color palettes.

⚡ Snippets