WDW #412

🗞 Highlights

Childish Font Sizes
What is your body copy font size? Tyler talks about plenty of reasons to go larger.
Tyler Sticka (Typography)

What is ‘bad design’? 10 examples & how to avoid them
Understanding what makes a design bad is the first step in learning how to create good designs. Renee shares ten common examples and how to avoid them.
Renee Fleck (Design)

How to Fix Your Low-Contrast Text
Color contrast issues are everywhere, and clearing them away would significantly reduce access barriers on the web.
Ben Myers (Accessibility)

Drastically Improve Your UI Designs With This Technique
DesignerUp talks about conditionals and using the ‘What happens if’ technique along with a UI design checklist.
DesignerUp (Design)

Designing Better Breadcrumbs
When we actually need breadcrumbs, how people use them, and how to design them better to speed up users’ navigation on our websites.
Vitaly Friedman (Navigation)

🛠 Tools / Resources

CSS Animations: Introduction & Examples
CSS animation effects made possible without any external libraries and also the functions used to create them.

The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing JavaScript for Quick Page Loads
Optimizing JavaScript is central to maintaining fast page load times.

JavaScript Operator Lookup
It’s a search engine for operators. Always handy.

Intro to CSS Parent Selector — :has() 📽 (YouTube)
Learn how :has() pseudo-class works and how it can help you create complex UI interactions without tweaking HTML or using JavaScript.

Magic Eraser
Remove unwanted things from images in seconds

⚡ Snippets