WDW #411

🗞 Highlights

Neubrutalism Is Taking Over the Web
Chaotic visuals merged with good typography.
Michal Malewicz (Design)

Build faster by actually using your components
Hot out the oven! Omlet is a zero-config component registry and monitoring platform for front-end teams to drive design system adoption. Uncover all your reusable and custom components with analytics and explore how they are used in your product. Get early access now
Omlet – Sponsor

The Fastest Google Fonts
Multiple optimisations where Google Fonts is posing one of your biggest performance bottlenecks.
CSS Wizardry (Typography)

What were the Hottest Front-End Tools in 2021?
A list of 60 of last year’s most interesting front-end tools. 
CSS Tricks (Development)

Top 11 User Interface Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Mistakes you should avoid in your interface designs. It includes user feedback, design consistency and user journey paths and navigation.
UXPin (Design)

🛠 Tools / Resources

Designing A Better Infinite Scroll
Several techniques that solve many problems infinite scroll is known for.

33 JavaScript Concepts Every Developer Should Know
Master your JavaScript concepts.

Picture perfect images with the modern <img> element
Images are key to delivering a great experience on the web. This article shows how far the <img> element has evolved.

A library that generates CSS dynamically based on what you write.

CSS Checker
Reduce similar & duplicated css classes with diff.

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