WDW #410

🗞 Highlights

The Ultimate Guide to An Effective UI Design
According to Toptal, 88% of users will not come back to an app or site after just one bad experience. This article highlights key elements of an effective UI design.
UXPin (Design)

Understanding Layout Algorithms
There are a lot of layout algorithms in CSS, and they all have their own quirks and hidden mechanisms. We never learn about really important concepts like stacking contexts or containing blocks or cascade origins.
Joshua Comeau (CSS)

Variable Fonts in real life: how to use and love them
Instead of having just Regular and Medium styles, a variable font get an almost infinite degree of control which makes the font adaptive for any context.
Evil Martians (Typography)

Tweaking In The Browser
A few issues ago we shared an article about “designing in the browser”. Now Ahmad Shadeed shares is insights about “tweaking in the browser”. It’s better to use a design tool or the browser?
Ahmad Shadeed (Design)

Optimising Largest Contentful Paint
What to do and what to avoid to get the best LCP.
CSS Wizardry (CSS)

🛠 Tools / Resources

Building a split-button component
How to build an accessible split-button.

A Guide To Hover And Pointer Media Queries
Adapt your sites to the different scenarios of a device pointer, using media queries hover, pointer, any-hover and any-pointer.

A code snippet search engine.

How to Use CSS Math Functions
How to use CSS logical functions calc(), clamp(), min() and max() to build fluid and responsive layout experiences.

Tricks to Cut Corners Using CSS Mask and Clip-Path Properties
How to create unique corner shapes.

⚡ Snippets