WDW #409

🗞 Highlights

Making the World’s Fastest Website
Imagine that each kB of a client-side JavaScript cost you ≈$100,000 per year, and every millisecond until Time to Interactive at least $40,000. Yes, this was the conclusion of Taylor Hunt, while fitting a Fortune 20 site in 20kB.
Taylor Hunt (Development)

The funniest JavaScript newsletter on the internet
If you like Web Design Weekly, I’ve got a feeling you’ll love Bytes too. There’s a reason 70,000 developers read it every week (or at least look at the memes).
Bytes – Sponsor

Good Design Is All About Good Timing
Design patterns, techniques, and strategies to design better digital interfaces.
Vitaly Friedman (Design)

Why Illustrations Are Important for Your Design
Some illustration features from a modern UI / UX design perspective.
Gapsy Studio (Design)

We need more Calm Design
The philosophy is rooted in the idea that computing systems should “simplify complexities, not introduce new ones.”
uxdesign (Inspiration)

🛠 Tools / Resources

Building a Loading Bar Component
Comprehensive article on how to build a color adaptive and accessible loading bar with the <progress> element.

Write HTML, the HTML Way
You may not use XHTML (anymore), but when you write HTML, you may be more influenced by XHTML than you think.

Master UI
Master UI is a virtual CSS language with enhanced syntax. Supports modern effects like filter, transform, mix blend, mask image, and grid.

Implementing JavaScript Delay for Cookie Consent Banner 🍪
Implement a Cookie Consent Banner without causing CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift)

Color Picker 🎨
Nice tool to extract a color from an image.

⚡ Snippets