WDW #407

🗞 Highlights

Is HTML A Programming Language?
Watch the answer through a comic video 😅
Briefs (HTML)

The funniest JavaScript newsletter on the internet
If you like Web Design Weekly, I’ve got a feeling you’ll love Bytes too. There’s a reason 70,000 developers read it every week (or at least look at the memes).
Bytes – Sponsor

Web Annual Awards 2021
Discover the best of the Web on awwwards.
Awwwards (Inspiration)

Design: #noFramework
Is the framework layer really a good thing?
Jérôme Beau (development)

The Imperfections of Gmail
A deep dive into Gmail UX. Nice tips 👍
Peter Ramsey (UX)

5 Must-Have Elements of a Successful Footer in 2022
Your footer should be consistent, predictable, and, above all, not so small that it’s illegible.
Ben Moss (design)

🛠 Tools / Resources

CSS Box Shadow Tutorial
A step-by-step guide on box-shadow, what it does, how to use its syntax correctly and some cool examples.

10 Useful CSS Tricks for Front-end Developers
CSS tricks that are useful for both developers as well as designers.

HTML and CSS in Emails: What Works in 2022?
7 features and how to make them work for all email clients.

Inline All The Things
Jim Nielsen’s experience on how to make sites faster, from static HTML to service workers.

A Complete Guide To TypeScript’s Never Type
The ‘never’ type does have quite a few good use cases in TypeScript. However, it also has its own pitfalls you need to be careful of.

⚡ Snippets