WDW #406

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The Science of Color & Design
How Material used color science to make design easier and more expressive than ever before.
Material (design)

Build faster by actually using your components
Hot out the oven! Omlet is a zero-config component registry and monitoring platform for front-end teams to drive design system adoption. Uncover all your reusable and custom components with analytics and explore how they are used in your product. Get early access now
Omlet – Sponsor

Falling In Love With The Web: Inspiring Websites And Tools
Inspiring resources from all across the web β€” beautiful eye candy, tips to challenge your skills, and useful tools.
Cosima Mielke (Inspiration)

How to Make Your Pages Look Smooth
Web animation performance fundamentals, including scrolling, pinch zooming, text selection, and hovering over a button.
freeCodeCamp (Dev)

10 Best UI/UX Project Ideas to Improve Your Frontend Skills
Inspiration to create your own projects and show your design skills.
Madza (Inspiration)

Things You Should Keep in Mind While Writing JavaScript
Writing clean code is not code that works, it’s about readability, reused and refactored by other developers. Why and how you should write clean code?
SnowBit (JavaScript)

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New CSS Features In 2022
2022 is bringing new CSS features: Container Queries, :has(), @when/@else, accent-color and more…

React Shapes
Insert awesome shapes into your react site.

CSS Tricks to Create Dark Futuristic Web3 Look
Web3 text and button styles.

Single File
Web Extension for Firefox/Chrome/MS Edge and CLI tool to save a copy of an entire web page in a single HTML file

Cascading Server Sheets
CSS as a server-side language.

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