WDW #404


In this week’s issue we have the results of 2021 State of JavaScript survey, inspiration to use the color of the year (named ‘Very Peri’), and modern logos recreated in medieval art style. 🎭


🗞 Highlights

The State of JavaScript 2021 Survey Results

  • 69% use TypeScript
  • React held the top spot for 6 years
  • Vue.js is on track to overtake Angular as the second place framework
  • 2021 has been the year of Vite with 98% satisfaction
  • more

State of JS (JavaScript)

Why Are Letters Shaped the Way They Are?
A hidden connection between what words look and sound like, and what they mean.
Vice (Typography)

Get Creative with Pantone’s Color of the Year
Some applications of “Very Peri” (color code name) to get you inspired.
Dribbble (Inspiration)

Web UI Design Examples
Creative web UI design examples and what you can learn from them.
UXPin (Inspiration)

The Intended Wordle Font Nobody Can See
A good example of what happens when you don’t provide font files.
Also, see how and why Wordle would look much better in “Clear Sans”, while learning about the CSS font stack, and the value of good typography in UIs.
Oliver Schöndorfer (Typography)

18 Websites Illustrating the Power of Interactive Links in Design
Inspirational websites with innovative design solutions.
Qode Interactive (Inspiration)

🛠 Tools / Resources

React Cheatsheet for 2022
Helpful cheatsheet to give you a complete overview of all of the React concepts you need to know in 2022 – freeCodeCamp

Naming in Figma
An approach to organising and naming in Figma – Joey Banks

Defensive CSS
A collection of snippets that can help you write CSS that is protected A.Shadeed

Replace JavaScript Dialogs with HTML <Dialog> Element
Alternatives to alert(), confirm() and prompt() using <dialog> HTML element and a JavaScript class – Mads Stoumann

Sticky CSS Grid Items
Ever struggle to put a sticky item in a grid layout and watched the item scroll away with the rest of the content? See how to handle it- Melanie Richards

⚡ Snippets

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