WDW #403

πŸ—ž Articles

Move Over Javascript: Back-End Languages Are Coming to the Front-End
New server-side tools are making it possible to build web UI’s without javascript

Top 10 Highest Paid Programming Languages in Early 2022
A list of the average salary in dollars per programming language. The most underpaid language is PHP. πŸ€”

Why Do We Round Corners?
Rounding corners might seem a trivial design decision: but in the end, it has a big impact. Also interesting is the psychology behind boxy, round and triangular shapes.

16 Best Typeface Micro-Sites
A list of the best 16 creative mini websites to increase your font collection and shine on your next project.

How to Level Up Your Developer Portfolio
5 things you can do to level up your portfolio so that it moves from the “forgotten” pile to the “give this person an interview” pile.

πŸ›  Tools / Resources

Sorting in JavaScript
7 use-cases to make sure that when you sort an array that modification doesn’t have any side effects elsewhere – fildon

Building an Adaptive Favicon
Recently browsers have allowed use of SVG, a vector format. Using progressive enhancement you can serve well supported .ico favicons, and upgrade to an .svg if available – web dev

PHP The Right Way
Quick reference for PHP popular coding standards, links to authoritative tutorials around the Web and what the contributors consider to be best practices at the present time – phptherightway

Aspect Ratio is Great (CSS)
aspect-ratio property it’s simple to use, without the need for any extra CSS – css in real life

Figma Beautiful Shadows
The plugin allows you to create shadows and outputs valid box-shadow CSS styles – figma

⚑ Snippets

  • Interview (🎧) with Wordle creator. The stack (JS) and selling reasons
  • Chrome is changing its logo for the first time in eight years
  • A whistle-stop tour of 4 new CSS color features
  • Laravel 9 is now released and includes many new features
  • Design and Anatomy of a Push Notification