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22 Inspiring Web Design Trends for 2022
A bit of renaissance period, late 90s, contemporary techniques and glassmorphism โ€“ Mischa Vaughn

Solo Freelancing vs Agency โ€“ What’s The Difference?
Should you present yourself as a solo freelancer or as an agency? โ€“ Kyle Prinsloo

How to Design a Visual Identity for Your Brand
A chat with Shopify Product Designer Skyler Hestnes to get her take on how to pull off DIY branding designโ€”with zero budget and no design skills โ€“ Dayna Winter

Why Hyperlinks Are Blue
Why the original blue was chosen? โ€“ Elise Blanchard

The 10 Biggest Design Trends You Need to Know in 2022
Another view on this year trends, now from dribbble’s perspective โ€“ Renee Fleck

๐Ÿ›  Tools / Tutorials

Figma for Developers
If you are new to figma, take a look at this article. The perspective of both designers and developers when the handover happens – Kathryn Nanz

75 Tiny Little Web-Based Tools for Web Designers
Organize code snippets, randomly create profile pictures, generate CSS animations, and more… – speckyboy

Micro CSS util class for applying inflated fluffy 3D claymorphism styles to elements – Adrian Bece

10 CSS Skeleton Loadings
Collection of free HTML and CSS skeleton loading examples – FreeFrontend

๐ŸŽจ Mesh Gradient Generator
Always handy – Uxie