WDW #398

🗞 Articles

UI Design Trends for Web and Mobile
A look back at what was popular in UI/UX design for websites and mobile applications in 2021 â€“ Marina Yalanska

Improving Core Web Vitals
Are you struggling with your Core Web Vitals? Nice case study from Smashing Magazine â€“ Smashing Magazine

30 Frontend Tips
Kitty shares his pieces of advice he wishes he had 10 years ago – Kitty Giraudel

Defining the Web3 Stack
How developers can conceptualize the various facets of building on web3 â€“ Nader Dabit

Five Design Trends Set to Visually Shape 2022
Trends we can expect to see more often this year. Nostalgic is here… â€“ itsnicethat

👨‍💻 Tools / Tutorials

The Good, the Bad and the Toggle
Understanding when to use the toggle, checkbox, radio button, and related components – Alex Bueno

Inspect – Export to HTML, React, TailwindCSS
Figma plugin to convert design into code â€“ Figma

14 CSS Reveal Animations
A collection of free HTML and CSS reveal animation examples â€“ freefrontend

🕹 Playground

Prince of Persia JS - Javascript

Last week, one reader brought to my attention the JavaScript version of Prince of Persia (1989 DOS version), called PrinceJS. It was resurrected by Oliver Klemenz.
Picking the sword again was an amazing nostalgic feeling. I’m currently at level 8 and… addicted. 😅