WDW #397

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Top Web Design and UI Trends for 2022
Trends that began to emerge in late 2021 and are definite candidates for setting the stage in the upcoming year – Carrie Cousins

What’s The Right Font Size in Web Design?
If you want your text to be read, set it at a sufficient size. Check some practical examples focused on body text in responsive web design – Pimp my Type

15 Best New Fonts, January 2022
Round up of new fonts for your projects – Suzanne Scacca

CSS in 2022
Predictions from Bramus on CSS features we can expect to land in browsers in 2022 – Bramus

Gutenberg 12.2 Has Just Been Released
Besides improving compatibility with the upcoming WordPress 5.9 release and block themes, it also brings new features like new font sizes, improved color picker and seamless navigation between Site Editor and the Template list – WP

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Tools / Tutorials

WordPress 5.9 – New Login Screen Language Switcher
A dropdown that allows users to use the login screen, the password reset screen, and the registration screen in their own language β€“ wordpress.org

Responsive Layouts, Fewer Media Queries
Build responsive layouts by replacing multiple media queries with only one CSS declaration – aemani afif

Free Customizable Illustrations
It’s never too much to have a set of extra illustrations for our projects – storyset

Free Printable Wireframes, Mockup and Sketchpads
If you like to draw your ideas on paper, check this cool sketchpads β€“ ui print

Border Radius Generator
A tool to generate or download ready-made border radius templates β€“ fancyborders