WDW #395


A Guide to Effective Emotional Design
How to design for experiences that build an emotional connection with users or make them feel special – uxdesign

🏆 The Most Frequently Used Emoji of 2021
92% of the world’s online population use emoji — but which emoji are we using? – Jennifer Daniel

Logo Design Trends 2022: The Future of Logos
Do logo trends really exist, and if so, what’s the best way to approach logo design in 2022? – Ksenia Pedchenko

The Ideal Line Length & Line Height in Web Design
Line height and line length are crucial if you want to set your text properly – PimpMyType

Where Do You Put Spacing on Design System Components?
Do you manually move things around until they “look right”? 😇 – Eric Bailey

Tools / Tutorials

16+ Javascript Arrow Design Code Examples
↪️ Latest Collection of 100% free Javascript Arrow Design with code examples from Codepen – CSSHint

Plasmic – The Headless Page Builder
The headless page builder + web design tool for React, Vue, Angular, PHP, vanilla JS, and more – GitHub

Color Wheel 🎨
Discover color harmonies and color combinations for your designs – Baseline

Pico CSS
Minimal CSS Framework for semantic HTML – GitHub

Checklist Design
A collection of the best design practices – checklist.design