WDW #394


13 Graphic Design Trends For 2022: Retro Uprise & Bold Ideas
What the future holds in graphic design trends for 2022 – Milena Abrosimova

Pantone Colour of the Year 2022
And the colour is… – Pantone

Making Accessibility More Accessible
Tools to make websites accessible for everyone – Austin Gil

Coloring With Code — A Programmatic Approach To Design
Learn to create beautiful, inspiring, and unique color palettes/combinations – George Francis

20 Best New Websites
Round up of the best new websites of November 2021 – George Francis

Tools / Tutorials

Tailwind CSS v3.0 is here
The release of Tailwind CSS v3.0 brings a number of new features, like coloured box shadows, multi-column layout, native form control styling and more – Tailwind CSS

A Clever Sticky Footer Technique
Stick to the bottom of the screen, even when the content of the page isn’t enough to push it there – Chris Coyier

Shadow Palette Generator
It layers shadows by producing a set of 3 shadows, representing 3 different elevations – Josh W Comeau

Polygon Shapes
CSS Doodle provides a declarative syntax for generating polygon shapes with clip-path property – Yuan Chuan

Google Fonts Knowledge
Library of typography guides – Google