WDW #393


The Invisible Javascript Backdoor
Some Unicode characters can be “invisible” depending on what you use to see them – Wolfgang Ettlinger

With No Code Builders, Why Should Clients Hire a Developer?
What sort of no-code builders are out there, the mistaken threat they pose to developers, and the actual benefit of hiring a developer – Kyle Prinsloo

Best Google Fonts for 2022
A selection of the most exciting Google Fonts out there by qodeinteractive.com – Ana Hercigonja

5 Tips for Designing Great Website Navigation
Five things to keep in mind when you’re designing website navigation – WebDesignerDepot

2021 Design Tools Survey
Overview of the most used design tools during 2021 – uxtools

Tools / Tutorials

Supercharged CSS Variables
CSS custom properties to help accelerate adaptive and consistent design. It can be easily implemented and it is useful in any framework – Open Props

Most Popular JavaScript Libraries
If you’re trying to find a package, check openbase. Thanks Tim Evko – OpenBase

How to Trim Strings in JavaScript
Annoyed with whitespaces and line terminator characters? See how to trim strings – Dmitri Pavlutin

SVG Overlay and Infinite Menu Background Animation
A little menu effect with an SVG overlay and an infinite background CSS animation – Mary Lou

34 HTML Tabs Example For Web Development
Tab components built with CSS and Javascript – Niemvuilaptrinh.com