WDW #392


10 Annoying Web Design Mistakes That Make Your Visitors Hate Your Site
Nice infographic with 10 tips to improve your web design – Mark Walker-Ford

Advanced Javascript Design Patterns
20+ Javascript design patterns explained – DhiWise

Blog Page Accessibility Deep Dive
How to make your blog page fully accessible. – Abbey Perini

Icons in Pure CSS
General solution that could apply to any icons, instead of using `css.gg` – antfu.me

Tools / Resources

10 jQuery Context Menus
100% free jQuery Context Menu examples from Codepen – CSSHint

Animated Favicon
👍 Animate your favicon with animated badges. You can customize the type of animation, position, background color and text color – Miroslav Magda

Image Optimizer
A free and open source tool for optimizing images and vector graphics – GitHub / Anton Reshetov

How to Hide a Website in Search
📽 John Mueller explains how password protection, blocking crawling, and blocking indexing are three ways to prevent a website from showing up in search engines, while keeping them accessible – Google Search Console