WDW #391


Web Design Principles
18 Laws to Follow for a Successful Website. – Mark Walker-Ford

Developer Tools secrets that shouldn’t be secrets
This article got crazy on Hackernews. – Christian Heilmann

Laws of UX
A collection of best practices that designers can consider when building user interfaces. – Jon Yablonski

A Guide To Modern CSS Colors
The best ways to use colors in a design system, and what we can expect from our colors in the not-too-distant future. – Michelle

Tools / Resources

HTML and CSS Handwritten Cheat Sheets
A small 22 pages eBook that you should bookmark. And yes, it’s literally handwritten 😅 – TheInsaneApp

Web Animation Techniques
This guide introduces web animation techniques with examples and tips on how to use them. – Tilda

Cleanup Pictures
Amazing tool to remove any object, people, text or defects from pictures. I just removed my laptop from my desk, it’s crazy.

Shape Generator
Create organic-looking blob-like shapes.