The Flowing Standard

Robin Berjon joins the WC3 staff to work on HTML full time and the HTML Working Group has also moved development of its various specifications to a GitHub repository.

Robin Berjon:

For all that the HTML adventure may be fun to watch with some popcorn though, one of my hopes is that heading forward all parties in the HTML community can move towards more effective debates about focused technical issues while resolving sources of dissent. In other words: less drama, more work.

Over the coming weeks we will be detailing the way in which this repository is organised and used. The current plan revolves around adapting the well-known git flow model to specification development. Git’s flexible and powerful branching model allows us to maintain multiple branches, some headed for stabilisation in view of a tested and reviewed release, others carrying more future-fetching features; this while remaining able to apply bug fixes across the board.

I’m not a big fan of reading and keeping up to date with the ugly mailing lists that the W3C use. Thankfully, the GitHub news feed is more appealing. A big win in my eyes.