The Aim for 2014

Keeping up with the tradition and reading a large amount of “year in review” posts over the last few days has given me some inspiration to hopefully inspire others to do the same, or just give you a little more insight into how Web Design Weekly is going and a small glimpse into where things are headed.

Last year’s post — The Aim for 2013


The main focus for me during 2013 with WDW was to grow the subscriber base. During 2013 the email list received 9,673 new subscribers. This was a 152% increase on 2012. That’s an average of 43 people per day compared to 17 people per day subscribing in 2012 and the total amount of people that unsubscribed were 1,212. So as of January the 1st 2014, WDW had 16,017 subscribers.

All in all I couldn’t be more happy with the growth and hope it continues into 2013.

Blog Content

Unfortunately in 2013 I had really wanted to write more. I failed miserably. During the year I managed to publish 19 articles, 17 link posts, 2 screencasts, 14 snippets and 48 newsletters.

Currently the amount of draft posts/ideas is reaching boiling point and one of my big aims for 2014 is to write more.


Mid way through the year I opened an online store. Currently the store only gets a handful of sales each month. Maybe because it’s only merchandise at the moment… Hopefully with the inclusion of a few new items early this year, things will be on the up.


I had some big goals for releasing some WDW products during 2013. I failed. Working full-time and trying to balance a life outside the screen is hard. However I did manage to release one WordPress plugin – The Campaign Monitor Dashboard. This should be moving over to the WDW blog as soon as I finalise one more feature.

During 2014 I aim to release a few products. Stay tuned.

Personal Achievements

During the last few years I have been devoting lots of my weekends to skydiving. During the Easter break of 2013 I managed to tick off a long term skydiving goal. Flying a Wingsuit. During the year 2013 I managed 60 Wingsuit jumps. As the Wingsuiting took top priority, the amount of climbing I did suffered. During 2014 I aim to change this. Oh yeah and I still didn’t get barrelled. Maybe a quick trip to Indonesia this year will fix that.


This year is already shaping up to be awesome. If I can execute half of what I want to, then it will be worth it.


  • A redesign of the site
  • A few products
  • Member benefits
  • More articles
  • More screencasts

May 2014 be bigger and better!

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