The Aim for 2013

It’s already nearing the second week of the New Year and it’s already feeling like just another week. The best thing about the start of the year though is that the attention to goals is at the forefront of everybody’s minds. I have many personal goals that I would like to achieve this year, but nowhere near as many as I have for Web Design Weekly (WDW). Hopefully I am not biting off more than I can chew!

From what started off as a tiny side project whilst hanging out in a co-working space seems to have slowly taken over every spare minute of my time. I couldn’t be happier.

This year I have many things planned for WDW:

  • I am aiming high but it would be awesome if I could reach 15,000 subscribers. Currently, the stats are sitting at sitting just over 8,000.
  • Offer more to the subscribers. Be that give aways, deals, freebies, etc.
  • Focus on making WDW pay for itself. Currently, WDW is not making a profit; rather it is costing me a fair bit of time and lost potential earnings. I am doing it out of my desire to make the web a better place. During the first few months of this year, I will focus on promoting some of my new advertising ideas (e.g. promoted links) and seeking more support. I may even explore the idea of a premium model.
  • Ramp up the blog. During the end of 2012, I put a lot of energy into link posts and not enough into my own quality posts. I enjoy link blogs and feel at present that the web community could really value from having a ‘daring fireball’-like blog that focuses on web design. Hopefully, I can create a nice balance on the blog so people see it as a valuable resource.
  • Release an e-book. Oh bother… I have had the coming soon page since releasing the new design back in the middle of 2012. I feel guilty; 2013 will be the year I do release my first e-book.
  • More screencasts. I have been super lazy on this front during 2012, but endeavour to do more in 2013. I wouldn’t mind even having a crack at some public speaking, so I see doing more screencasts as a “win-win”, especially if I do them with very little post production.

2012 was a big year for Web Design Weekly. 2013 will be bigger.

I would also like say a big thanks to all of you. It’s your kind feedback and support that really helps me stay motivated to make WDW kick arse!

Now that I have written this, it’s time to get on with it. Wish me luck!

9 thoughts on “The Aim for 2013”

  1. Hey I have really enjoyed your content thus far.
    I started using it upon Chris Coyier’s suggestion on a screencast or something that he did a couple months ago.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi, I truely respect your efforts to make the web a better place, Wish you all the very best for the coming year.

  3. Don’t forget simply asking for money. I’m sure if you did an opt-in subscription fee (set your own price thing) at least a few people would sign up for it. Your effort is truly appreciated.

    • Cheers Jason

      I have had a few ideas around implementing something like that in the future but your comment has given me the motivation to take it a little more seriously. Thanks!

  4. Hi Jake,

    I second Jason Hoffmann’s suggestion of “asking for money”. I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to the weekly email you send. I prefer to spend my time practicing my craft rather then looking for links to related techniques I’m working on that have to do with Web Design. Your emails solve and relief that bit of stress for me. So much so I’d like to pay you to continue doing that because its such a benefit for me. Monthly subscription of $2.00 a month for 8,000 folks you currently have is $16,000.00 a month of revenue. I’m sure everyone isn’t going to be as forth coming as myself in a monetary subscription. But there is a pay for service opportunity here. My two cents!

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