Exclude IP Address From Google Analytics

November 14, 2014

If you have installed Google Analytics on your site, or for a client it is always helpful to exclude IP addresses so the sites stats give an accurate representation of the real traffic.

Note: You will need to have admin rights to the Google Analytics account and know the IP address/s to filter out.

If you are unsure of your IP address, just google “What is my IP address“. The first result returned should be your IP address.


Then login to your Google Analytics account and select the “Admin” link in the top right.


Then select “All Filters“.


Once you are viewing the filters screen you want to create a new one. Select “New Filter“.


When on the new add filter screen you will need to add a name for your filter (e.g. Exclude Home IP). Select the “predefined” radio button. Make sure “Exclude“, “traffic from the IP addresses” and “that are equal to” are selected from the drop down menus.

Add your “IP Address” to exclude.

Then select your website/s that you would like to apply this filter to.


Once this change has been saved you should be able to view the realtime data and the IP address that was added should be excluded.

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