Web Design Weekly #384

April 16, 2020 - Jake Bresnehan


CSS Findings From The New Facebook Design

Ahmad Shadeed has done a great deep dive into the new Facebook design. For me the best thing about the Web is that anyone can just view source and see what the best of the best are doing. (ishadeed.com)

The end of Net Magazine 😢 (twitter.com)

Scale Feature Flag Management with CloudBees

Is your homegrown feature flag system struggling to keep up as you grow? Join our webinar to see the difference our flag management platform makes! (cloudbees.com)


Running a resilient, remote design team.

Leaders and teams everywhere are facing new realities. To help, the team at Abstract are sharing a collection of resources to guide you as you adapt to a fully remote and distributed world. (abstract.com)

Responsive Images the Simple Way

Scott Vandehey shares some insight into why the combination of the "srcset" and "sizes" attribute gives you a lot of bang for your buck. (cloudfour.com)

React Folder Structure in 5 Steps

How to structure large React apps into folders and files is a highly opinionated topic so I'll just leave this here and let you have a read. (robinwieruch.de)

Making Design Tokens A Single Source of Truth (medium.com)

Tools / Resources

Deploy a Project to Your Server with Git

So you’ve got a local git repository, and you want to deploy it to your own server. Dave Ceddia explains. (daveceddia.com)

TLDR Newsletter - Byte Sized News for Techies

TLDR is a daily, curated newsletter with links and TLDRs of the most interesting stories in tech, science, and programming. (tldrnewsletter.com)

A practical guide to writing technical specs

In this article, Zara Cooper walks you through how to write a technical spec that ensures a strong product. (stackoverflow.blog)

Styled Components v5.1.0 (styled-components.com)

React Router v6 Preview (reacttraining.com)

Cleaning up Form UI (tonsky.me)

GitHub Tips & Tricks (egghead.io)

WebStorm 2020.1 (jetbrains.com)


AMA with Design Systems Advocate, Jina Anne (youtube.com)

Counterintuitive User Experiences (designdetails.fm)

Last but not least…

The Fancy DSLR Webcam Thing (chriscoyier.net)

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