What others are saying...

John Cobb
"I love Web Design Weekly because it keeps me on top of the rapidly changing industry I work in - It's also the prefect companion to my Friday morning coffee"
John Cobb, Front End Engineer at Yahoo!7
Caleb Sylvest
"Web Design Weekly keeps my head smart and the pay checks coming in. Thanks guys!"
Caleb Sylvest, User Interface Designer at Lift
Bryce York
"I don't subscribe to a lot of emails, but when WDW hits my inbox I always set aside the time to check out every link. It's a part of my weekly content consumption that I really look forward to."
Bryce York, Founder of Seed The Change
Robert Tilt
"The sweet, diverse linkage love of WDW stops me getting tunnel vision on the Friday commute."
Robert Tilt, Front-end Lead, Isobar Australia
John Barton
My favourite thing about WDW is that it lets me keep my hand in as a "full stack" web dev. Coming from more of a backend perspective, having a high quality curated list of what's up in the front end world keeps my weekly information intake balanced so I can do good quality work at any level of the stack.
John Barton, Director of Eng. at 99Designs
Matthew Hartman
"Web Design Weekly saves me the hassle of diving through tweets and countless RSS feeds by offering a one stop shop to all the awesome and important articles for the week."
Matthew Hartman, Front End Developer
Jamie Ferguson
"Even though I catch a lot of great web design and dev links via Twitter, WDW always manages to include great ones I manage to miss. I'd go so far to say i've come to rely on it."
Jamie Ferguson, Project Designer at Shorthand
Rob Levin
"As a busy Lead UIUX/Developer by day and family guy by night, I simply don't have time to "drink from Twitter G+ fire hoses" anymore. Curated mailing lists like Web Design Weekly filter out said noise while keeping me abreast of the most important news in my industry. It's truly a life saver!"
Rob Levin, Programmer at SugarCRM
Justin Avery
"When I decide to go 'offline' for a week I still make time for Jakes newsletter to make sure I didn't miss anything important that happened."
Justin Avery, Front End Developer, Squiz