Idiomatic CSS

Principles of writing consistent, idiomatic CSS. The days of a simple web page seem to be long gone for me so reading documents and adopting the best practices are a must to improve as a developer. This document is in its early days and will no-doubt evolve and become a “go-to” source.

The document is broken down into 8 sections:

  • General principles
  • Whitespace
  • Comments
  • Format
  • Naming
  • Practical example
  • Organization
  • Build and deployment

Each section is explained very clearly and the practical example ties all the explained styles/patterns into one very simple example.

If you are a passionate developer and don’t have a consistent styles/patterns when writing your code then head over to the Idiomatic CSS document on GitHub and maybe try to adopt some of the principles into your current or future projects.

“Part of being a good steward to a successful project is realizing that writing code for yourself is a Bad Idea™. If thousands of people are using your code, then write your code for maximum clarity, not your personal preference of how to get clever within the spec.”

– Idan Gazit