Web Design Weekly #369


The Iceberg of React Hooks

Without in-depth knowledge, performance problems can arise and code complexity can increase due to subtle bugs and leaky abstractions. In this post, Sandro Dolidze demonstrates common problems and ways to fix them. (medium.com)

Browser Engine Diversity (css-tricks.com)


Investigate animation performance with DevTools

In this post, Milica Mihajlija covers how browser rendering works and how to navigate DevTools to diagnose animation performance issues. (calibreapp.com)

Variable fonts & the new Google Fonts API

An article that covers what the new Google Fonts API means for developers and some examples to get started quickly. (rwt.io)

An Explanation of How the Intersection Observer Watches

Travis Almand look at how to use Intersection Observer Watches, how they works and what exactly they provide to us as developers. (css-tricks.com)

React Lazy: a take on preloading views

Maxime Heckel explains how to add preloading to your route based code split apps. (maximeheckel.com)

Two Browsers Walked Into a Scrollbar (filamentgroup.com)

Tools / Resources

Working with GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions are still in beta and are changing quickly. But if you are looking to get started the possibilities are endless. This guide is mostly about pointing to documentation and exploring some fun ways to use GitHub Actions. (jeffrafter.com)

Sharing TypeScript Code Between Web and React Native

John Rumble shares some of the challenges his team has encountered when sharing code between their existing monorepo built with webpack and their new React Native app which is all TypeScript. (atomicobject.com)

Visual Regression Testing in Design Systems

Visual regression testing in a design system helps detect unintended changes. Patrick Fulton explains this type of testing and shares some effective tools for implementing it. (seesparkbox.com)

React Native 0.61 with Fast Refresh (facebook.github.io)

The perfect responsive menu (polypane.rocks)

Moving beyond console.log() (gitconnected.com)


What my online course generated (indiehackers.com)

Our Current Stack (codepen.io)


Frontend Engineer at Cuvva

We’re looking for a mid to senior front-end software engineers who have worked in engineering teams within high-growh, high-scale startups, who will operate with a high level of autonomy. You must care deeply about building applications with well thought out architecture, and a very keen eye for detail and precision. (https://www.cuvva.com)

Product Designer at Postlight

We’re looking for a thoughtful and passionate Product Designer to join our team. You will become a central part of the product team, working directly with product managers and clients to solve big problems and alongside our engineers to build performant, user-centric products for the web and mobile. (postlight.com)

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Last but not least…

Practical Ways to Write Better JavaScript (stackoverflow.blog)

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