Web Design Weekly #366


Learning CSS by Reading Specifications

Hui Jing sheds some light into why reading CSS specifications is immensely helpful to build a strong understanding of CSS. (chenhuijing.com)

The tools we use: Challenging dogma in the design process (intercom.com)

All-in-one visual testing and review platform

Visual testing enables you and your team to catch visual bugs and review UI changes across browsers and responsive widths automatically. (percy.io)


The power of visual in product design

An article that looks into how visual elements affect our perception, recognition and memory by interacting with digital products. (uxdesign.cc)

Using Native JavaScript Modules in Production Today

Philip Walton explains how to bundle modules (including the use of dynamic import and granular code splitting), explains why it’s usually more performant than classic scripts and shows how he handle browsers that don’t support modules. (philipwalton.com)

JavaScript to Know for React

Kent C Dodds shares a few JavaScript features that he highly recommends learning to become more effective with building applications with React. (kentcdodds.com)

CSS Units Explained

CSS has several options for which units to use when determining the size of various CSS properties. Learning all your options for CSS units can be key for styling in a way that’s easy to manage and looks great on any screen. (alligator.io)

Largest Contentful Paint

Making it easier to know when a page’s important content has loaded. (web.dev)

Tools / Resources

Useful Pens for Everyday Front End Development

A collection of CodePen pens put together by Sarah Drasner that are super useful for everyday dev. (codepen.io)

New React DevTools

A lot has changed in version 4. At a high level, this new version offers significant performance gains and an improved navigation experience. It also offers full support for React Hooks, including inspecting nested objects. (reactjs.org)

Extra CSS

A CSS Houdini library for making your site a little more extra. (extra-css.netlify.com)

Technical Writing with Rachel Andrew (shoptalkshow.com)

How to Jest Snapshot Test the Difference (robinwieruch.de)

Lazy load embedded YouTube videos (css-tricks.com)

Microsoft Edge Beta (windows.com)


A Year of Working Remotely (mikeindustries.com)

Work Responsibly (workresponsibly.org)


Web Designer

Komoot is Europe’s most popular cycling and hiking app. Our technology empowers millions of people to get outside and discover more of the great outdoors. We’re now looking for a Web Designer who enjoys clean code and great design to help us change the way people explore! (komoot.com)

Product Designer at BlueVine

As a Product Designer at BlueVine, you’ll directly impact the look and feel of our product and lead strategic initiatives. You’ll be involved with launching new product, scaling our platform to work across multiple product lines and ensuring the platform works for small businesses, channel and strategic partners. (bluevine.com)

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Last but not least…

Is CSS a programming language? (overflowaudible.com)

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