Web Design Weekly #352


The Technical Debt Myth

Technical debt has become a widespread metaphor used to communicate the need for refactoring code — and it’s one that fills developers with feelings of dread. (helpscout.com)

Microsoft Edge preview builds: The next step in our OSS journey (windows.com)

Bildr Studio: Design + Development In An Integrated Workflow

Bildr Studio is a web-based design tool that is integrated with a full development environment for teams to create & publish production-ready apps. Eliminate hand-off and bring your developers in earlier to build the app as you design it. Test changes in real-time and then share, export, or launch. (bildr.com)


Native image lazy-loading for the web

In this post, Addy Osmani looks at the new loading attribute which brings native img and iframe lazy-loading to the web. (addyosmani.com)

UI/UX Patterns You Literally Cannot Design

A look into some of the patented UI elements/interactions that we as designers can’t replicate due to legal reasons. Quite a fascinating post. (medium.com)

Managing Z-Index In A Component-Based Web Application

The z-index property, despite all that’s written about it, is still widely misunderstood and mishandled. Adhering to some principles, however, we can easily avoid these issues. (smashingmagazine.com)

Redux to Hooks: A Case Study

After several years of using Redux for his projects Sergey Ryzhov decided to try the useReducer/useContext approach instead. Here is what he learnt. (staleclosures.dev)

Conservation of Energy in Web Development (gitconnected.com)

Tools / Resources

We refreshed Figma’s UI: An inside look at our process

For the past 6 months the Figma team have been working on a fresh coat of paint for Figma’s UI. In this post they reveal all the changes. From typography and layout to colour and iconography. (figma.com)


A block-styled editor. Each block is represented by a plugin. With lots of ready-to-use plugins this looks like it is worth keeping an eye on. (github.com)

Automate your WordPress development workflow (wordpressify.co)

React-Redux Version 7 (github.com)

Web development, illustrated. (illustrated.dev)


Dieter Rams designed products to last a lifetime (abc.net.au)

CSS Battle (cssbattle.dev)


Product Designer at Mixpanel

We are a small, collaborative team of multidisciplinary designers, and are looking for experienced product designers to help us dive deeper into our product vision. Our process always begins with product vision and is a highly collaborative between the product and design teams. (mixpanel.com)

User Experience Researcher at BookBub

This is a highly collaborative role, in which you’ll have the opportunity to work with multiple product teams and many disciplines while conducting primary research as well as leveling up our collective research practice across the organization. Your work will help us create useful, usable, and delightful new products and features for our customers. (bookbub.com)

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Last but not least…

Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey Results (stackoverflow.com)

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