2019 Reflection

January 08, 2020 - Jake Bresnehan

You are probably thinking the internet is blowing up by seeing a non-newsletter post on the blog. Well I don’t blame you!

Things have been pretty strange the last couple of years for WDW behind the scenes. I have continued to get the newsletter out the door but the motivation and headspace to put time and effort into other parts of the site have been completely distant. Something that I really want to change this year. Kinda like a “do or die” attitude.

I’ll aim to dig into the inner details of what has been going on in the last two years in a separate post but as the new year is well and truly underway there in no better time to kick things into gear and get into reflecting and setting some goals for the year ahead, so here goes.

2019 looked like this.


The site had just over 640,000 page views for the year as I didn’t post anything except the newsletters. This is down on 2018 numbers (806,000 page views) which was the highest trafficked year to date.

One positive thing I did in December is move the blog to Gatsby and changed hosting to save some coin. So far, so good.

I’m sure I’ll miss WordPress but I’m looking forward to exploring what Gatsby has to offer. Time will tell.

Social Media

I probably did less than 5 tweets all year. Again, a reflection of where my focus was in life. The twitter account is sitting at 4,083 followers and Facebook 2,522 likes. So much scope for growth within these channels I feel.


List size has reduced by 1179 subscribers. Something that I’m not happy about.

During the year I sent 34 Campaigns. Open rate for the year was 25.3% (down 0.4%). Click rate was 6.1% (down 0.9%).

2020 Goals

  • Finish the site and incrementally improve on it.
  • 50 posts on the site. Sounds massive but it is just over 4 a month.
  • Build some traction again with the newsletter and aim for 35,000 subscribers.
  • Rework the newsletter workflow to be hooked up to the RSS feed. Something that I have been keen to do for donkeys years. I wanna control the content a little more.
  • Blog traffic back into the 800,000 page views.
  • 1 dedicated WDW product (ebook or course).

Ambitions but if the motivation is present I can do it.

All is all the above 2019 figures show a real sign of neglect. Something that I’m not really that happy about but life is important and you need to follow what feels right.

A big major step in things going in the right direction for WDW is starting with this simple post. So without further ado. Let’s rock it!

✌️ Jake