Sass Clearfix Mixin

There are a few ways to implement the clearfix hack but the following Sass Mixin has been in my toolbox for the last year thanks to this article on Nicolas Gallaghers blog.

@mixin clearfix() {
    &:after {
        content: "";
        display: table;
    &:after {
        clear: both;


.article {
     @include clearfix();

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  1. Great!! I wrote a code for .sass files –

  2. Using a placeholder class and extend would be better imo.

  3. I have not used this technique. This has been working for me well for a long time, I believe originally influenced by Chris Coyier?

    But I agree with Johan, using this as a placeholder is a cleaner solution as always using the mixin will endlessly duplicate you code.

    If you look at the example I liked to above, this is a mixin. But I then use this as a placeholder selector

    In the end, in my final CSS I will do the following

    .block { @extend %clearfix }

    BTW – when you are creating or using a mixin without arguments, there is no need to include the empty parentheses `()`. That is an old trick with LESS to make a selector only act as a mixin.

    • I found that using @extend within a media query kicked up an error since I last updated Sass:

      - @extending an outer selector from within @media is deprecated.
      – You may only @extend selectors within the same directive.
      – This will be an error in Sass 3.3.
      - It can only work once @extend is supported natively in the browser.

      Replacing it with this mixin worked a treat!

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