Web Design Weekly #54

Another great week in the web design world. A group of very talented developers helped bring the People Magazine’s website into responsive land, HTML5Rocks was open sourced and now live on Github, Addy Osmani takes us on a journey through the JavaScript MVC jungle, Christian Cantrell from Adobe gives us the lowdown on Chrome Flags, Joshua Hibbert created PacMan in CSS and loads more. Enjoy!

Web Design Weekly #53

The week of the interviews and boy-oh-boy they are good. The Great Discontent interviewed Yaron Schoen who is the design lead at Twitter. Oliver Reichenstein from Information Architects was interviewed on The Verge.

Also a few other goodies. Safari 6 dropped, JS Bin was updated, Elyse Holladay showed the world her Style Guide Guide and Kyle Steed posted his awesome time lapse video. Big week, enjoy!

Web Design Weekly #52

Harry Roberts gives some good reasons on why we should be specific with our CSS selectors, Typekit releases some new and improved embed code, Modernizr 2.6 is shipped, Rick Monro proposes a responsive web design garden and a lot, lot more. Enjoy.

Web Design Weekly #51

WDW 51. A complete list of all the Google I/O sessions, the Motorola Mobility team releases Montage, Dan Eden shares his thoughts on CSS Preprocessors and a truck load more. Enjoy.

Web Design Weekly #50

Number 50!!! CSS-Tricks turns 5, Luke Wroblewski dives deep into the evolving e-commerce checkout world, Paul Irish give the low down on Internet Explore’s update policy, Christian Heilmann shares his huge list of notes from Google I/O and a truck load more…. Enjoy!

Web Design Weekly #49

Huge week! Yeoman was dropped at Google I/O which promises to be an awesome tool when the cat is let out of the bag, Brad Frost gives his thoughts on the cost of responsive web design, Jörn Zaefferer takes us on a testing adventure and Jonathan Neal shares his HTML5 invoice. Enjoy!

Web Design Weekly #48

This weeks highlights include a great interview with Aaron Draplin, the Filament Groups release of Southstreet on GitHub, Trent Waltons Fluid Type masterpiece and Campaign Monitors sweet new site. Enjoy!

Web Design Weekly #47

Issue 47 and the goodies keep coming! WordPress 3.4 dropped, Diego Ferreiro Val shows his loves for the Rubik’s cube, Drew Wilson shipped 2 new Pictos icon sets, Paul Irish tears down Pointer Pointer and Dave Rupert goes all crazy with his Flexible Media in Responsive Web Design talk at Refresh Austin. Enjoy.

Web Design Weekly #46

Once again, here’s lots of cool tools, articles and hot news. The highlights are Lea Verou’s article on web standards, Ryan Seddon’s client-side unit testing tool, Bunyip and Japh Thomson’s low down on what’s coming in WordPress 3.4 plus a billion other rad links. Enjoy!

Web Design Weekly #45

Another big week. Elliot Jay Stocks expresses his view on the failure of adaptive design. Viljami Salminen from Finland explains his responsive workflow and some great discussion about <meta name="viewport"> over on the HTML5 Boilerplate GitHub pages. Enjoy!

Web Design Weekly #44

Mike Kus and co released WordFu. Chrome overtakes Internet Explorer. Mr Zeldman has a great piece on web design manifesto. CSS variables land in Webkit and heaps more.

Web Design Weekly #43

Headlines Secret src There’s been quite a lot of action this week around the subject of standardising responsive images. Jeremy Keith looks at the two different matters in detail, the process and the technicalities. ( Responsive Images and Web Standards at the Turning Point The goal of a “responsive images” solution is to deliver images […]

Web Design Weekly #42

Headlines The Smashing Book #3 7 months of work. 44 people involved. As always, another top quality production by Smashing Magazine! If you haven’t grabbed yourself a copy, what are you waiting for? ( Cross-Browser Debugging CSS Nicole Sullivan got a little excited sharing her cross-browser debugging tips with a co-worker it ended up being […]

Web Design Weekly #41

Headlines The Vendor Prefix Predicament Most importantly, set a good example. Use web standards first and foremost in your sites, articles, and talks. When discussing or demoing experimental features or standards-in-progress, whether in one browser or many, be up front with warnings, and make it clear what’s shiny today may break tomorrow. ( JavaScript Style […]

Web Design Weekly #40

Headlines Adobe & HTML Adobe & HTML is a single place where the Adobe team can share everything they are working on. You can find up-to-date information about all of their different HTML projects, discover which events they will be attending and find out how you can join them in making the web better. ( […]

Web Design Weekly #39

Headlines A Baseline for Front-End Developers Once upon a time, editing files, testing them locally (as best as we could, anyway), and then FTPing them to the server was the essential workflow of a front-end dev. ‘Times are a changin’. Rebecca Murphey gives a comprehensive overview of the new set of baseline skills required in […]

Web Design Weekly #38

Headlines Design Is A Job – New book from A Book Apart ( Screen Resolution Alert for Web Developers ( Articles CSS Sprites Revisited Niels Matthijs looks into the wonderful world of CSS sprites. He touches on various techniques but the standout for me is the LESS and SASS tips. ( 10 things every designer […]

Web Design Weekly #37

Headlines Using Modernizr to detect HTML5 features Modernizr is a JavaScript library that detects which HTML5 and CSS3 features your visitor’s browser supports. In detecting feature support, it allows developers to test for some of the new technologies and then provide fallbacks for browsers that do not support them. Modernizr is very useful for detecting […]

Web Design Weekly #36

Headlines Why I love working on the web Matt Wilcox absolutely nailed it…. ( About HTML semantics front-end architecture Nicolas Gallagher’s collection of thoughts, experiences, ideas that he likes, and ideas that he has been experimenting with over the last year. He covers HTML semantics, components and approaches to front-end architecture, class naming patterns, and […]

Web Design Weekly #35

Headlines A List Apart issue – 346 A cracking issue from A List Apart. Brad Frost’s – For a Future-Friendly Web and Stephanie Rieger’s – The Best Browser is the One You Have with You, are two epic posts that have been coined as essential reading by some. ( Watch Paul Irish rock SXSW 2012 […]