Web Design Weekly #70

It’s getting close to Christmas but still loads of amazing things happening in the web development world. This week Divya Manian wrote about all the awesome features that are coming to CSS. WordPress 3.5 dropped. Joshua Cohen explains the inner workings of the real time push notifications inside the new Flickr app and loads more. Big week. Enjoy.

Web Design Weekly #69

The 24 Ways blog started again this week and delivered 3 amazing articles. Trent Walton’s was a standout for me – Being Prepared to Contribute. Also, WordPress 3.5 is about to drop and the guys at Techno Sailor did a great wrap up. Hans Cristian Reinl wrote about the ‘placeholders’ method in Sass 3.2. Steve Souders wrapped up his thoughts on the the perception of Speed and loads more. Another big week, Enjoy.

Web Design Weekly #68

It’s Blue Beanie Day and another huge week! Once again, a lot of CSS jazz was blogged about. Without further ado. Michael Chang released an outstanding post about the making of 100,000 Stars. Alex Gibson gave us the heads up about taking web audio offline. Alex MaCaw wrote about 5 APIs that will transform the web in 2012. Brad Frost covered Adaptive Maps in responsive web design. Big week!

Web Design Weekly #67

An absurd amount of CSS related articles this week. Harry Roberts posted a great piece about maintainability of large code bases and Jeffery Zeldman touched on the ID versus Classes argument again. The team at Opera released a nice informative post about the CSS3 @supports rule and Hugo Giraudel covered the basic principles of CSS on the Codedrops site. It wasn’t all CSS though. Addy Osmani released a nice post about the new things coming to JavaScript and the awesomely-talented guys a Bocoup released some great screencasts. Big week. Enjoy.

Web Design Weekly #66

Still a huge amount on responsive design this week. David Storey wrote a great post about how the Mobile first revolution is well under way. Chris Coyier explains why ‘ems’ are the way to go for font sizing. The amazing guys at Coroflot released the Design Salary Guide. Jason Santa Maria’s Creative Mornings talk went a little viral and the Responsive Cat was released. Big week!

Web Design Weekly #65

Another big week! Divya Manian’s HTML% Boilerplate book is available for pre-order. Paul Robert Lloyd expressed his thoughts on optimising website. Mathias Bynens talks about ten things he didn’t know about HTML. Instagram released its web based profiles. Enjoy.

Web Design Weekly #64

A little redesign of the newsletter this week but still packed with a crazy amount of awesomeness. Buzz Usborne released a new version of his side project Prevue. Completely rebuilt, completely redesigned and now fast as hell. Zen Coding was reborn as Emmet. The guys at Twitter released Bootstrap 2.2.0. Brian Hoff gave some wise advice to businesses about their web site. The Verge did an amazing wrap up about the New York hurricane and more. Enjoy.

Web Design Weekly #63

A new site run by the Responsive Images Community Group was launched and aims to contain all the discussions around the hot topic in one place. Th guys at Zoompf look in detail at how fast really is. Jeffery Way’s screencast about Testem is a ripper and Adobe release CSS FilterLab. Enjoy.

Web Design Weekly #62

The web design world continues to produce amazing things. This week Tim Kadlec explains how we need to get our responsive sites ready for Windows 8, Ian Taylor dives into object-oriented CSS, Cennydd Bowles explains the design decisions behind the new TweetDeck, Chris Coyier answers more questions over on Smashing Magazine, Drew Wilson released all the Valio Con videos and so much more. Enjoy.

Web Design Weekly #61

This week in Web Design Weekly Boris Smus’s article is a highlight for me. Its focus is around how the web should work and how developers should get involved. Also included is a great article about what’s new in the iPhone5 and iOS 6 for web developers, James Long writes about the rise of the mobile web, Dominic Szblewski goes into detail about his HTML5 game development and a lot more. Enjoy.

Web Design Weekly #60

Lots of tools and talk about responsive web design once again. The much anticipated Yeoman that was demoed at the Google IO was released, Brad Frost uncovered a new site, This is Responsive. The Squarespace developer platform was released, Sacha Greif gives his take on skeuomorphism design. Miller Medeiros explains solid CSS and lots more. Enjoy.

Web Design Weekly #59

Lots of CSS goodies dropped this week. Adobe’s CSS Shaders proposal was accepted by the W3C as a draft. Chris Coyier released version 10 of his site. Tab Atkins gives the low down on CSS4. WordPress goes Retina. Louis Lazaris covers CSS3 transistions and so much more. Enjoy.

Web Design Weekly #58

Lots of responsive design goodies this week. Jonathan Dann explains some of the choices about why the Facebook app has cut down the amount of HTML5 it uses. The HTML5 Boilerplate and the Mobile Boilerplate were both updated. CSS position ‘sticky’ lands-in-WebKit. Brad Frost looks at some emerging patterns for dealing with complex, lengthy and/or multi-level navigations and lots more. Enjoy.

Web Design Weekly #57

Huge week. Bootstrap 2.1 released, Paul Irish wrote about the developers we admire, Josh Emerson explains how to develop for retina and so much more. Enjoy.

Web Design Weekly #56

Huge week! Peter Gasston explains how we can learn to love the boring bits of CSS, John Resig announced his new big project, Tab Atkins talks about the state of CSS variables, Dan Mall shares his responsive line break trick, Sass 3.2 is released, Normalize.css v1 drops and a bucket load more. Enjoy.

Web Design Weekly #55

The another big week. Matt Mullenweg presents the State of the Word once again. Luke Wroblewski re-caps Brad Frost’s presentation ‘Beyond Media Queries’ at An Event Apart in Washington. The Adobe Web Platform team were busy blogging about some of their new CSS proposals. Marcin Wichary shared his experience in developing the awesome ‘Jumping the Hurdles’ doodle with the Gamepad API and loads more. Enjoy.

Web Design Weekly #54

Another great week in the web design world. A group of very talented developers helped bring the People Magazine’s website into responsive land, HTML5Rocks was open sourced and now live on Github, Addy Osmani takes us on a journey through the JavaScript MVC jungle, Christian Cantrell from Adobe gives us the lowdown on Chrome Flags, Joshua Hibbert created PacMan in CSS and loads more. Enjoy!

Web Design Weekly #53

The week of the interviews and boy-oh-boy they are good. The Great Discontent interviewed Yaron Schoen who is the design lead at Twitter. Oliver Reichenstein from Information Architects was interviewed on The Verge.

Also a few other goodies. Safari 6 dropped, JS Bin was updated, Elyse Holladay showed the world her Style Guide Guide and Kyle Steed posted his awesome time lapse video. Big week, enjoy!

Web Design Weekly #52

Harry Roberts gives some good reasons on why we should be specific with our CSS selectors, Typekit releases some new and improved embed code, Modernizr 2.6 is shipped, Rick Monro proposes a responsive web design garden and a lot, lot more. Enjoy.

Web Design Weekly #51

WDW 51. A complete list of all the Google I/O sessions, the Motorola Mobility team releases Montage, Dan Eden shares his thoughts on CSS Preprocessors and a truck load more. Enjoy.