Keeping up with Chrome Developer Tools

In today’s world, as the web evolves so do the tools. Keeping up with what’s happening is important in our industry. However, keeping up with everyday development tools is as important, if not more so.

The Developer Tools in Chrome have been in rapid development for the last couple of years, and I certainly have not been using them to their fullest potential. Hopefully the resources below will bring you up to speed.

Web Design Weekly #66

Still a huge amount on responsive design this week. David Storey wrote a great post about how the Mobile first revolution is well under way. Chris Coyier explains why ‘ems’ are the way to go for font sizing. The amazing guys at Coroflot released the Design Salary Guide. Jason Santa Maria’s Creative Mornings talk went a little viral and the Responsive Cat was released. Big week!

Web Design Weekly #65

Another big week! Divya Manian’s HTML% Boilerplate book is available for pre-order. Paul Robert Lloyd expressed his thoughts on optimising website. Mathias Bynens talks about ten things he didn’t know about HTML. Instagram released its web based profiles. Enjoy.


Prototype iPhone apps with simple HTML, CSS and JS components.

Built by Dave Gamache, Connor Sears, and Jacob Thornton who all worked at Twitter once upon a time…

Web Design Weekly #64

A little redesign of the newsletter this week but still packed with a crazy amount of awesomeness. Buzz Usborne released a new version of his side project Prevue. Completely rebuilt, completely redesigned and now fast as hell. Zen Coding was reborn as Emmet. The guys at Twitter released Bootstrap 2.2.0. Brian Hoff gave some wise advice to businesses about their web site. The Verge did an amazing wrap up about the New York hurricane and more. Enjoy.

Web Design Weekly #63

A new site run by the Responsive Images Community Group was launched and aims to contain all the discussions around the hot topic in one place. Th guys at Zoompf look in detail at how fast really is. Jeffery Way’s screencast about Testem is a ripper and Adobe release CSS FilterLab. Enjoy.

Web Design Podcasts

As with all sites, podcasts can be up and down. Not all episodes are good; sometimes they are irrelevant and sometimes they are gold. Web design podcasts are a great way to stay in the loop about the ever-changing world of web design. They are a very easy way to learn about emerging technologies and standards, listen to in-depth discussions with some of the best designs and developers on the planet and continuously learn whilst you’re not at your desk.

Web Design Weekly #62

The web design world continues to produce amazing things. This week Tim Kadlec explains how we need to get our responsive sites ready for Windows 8, Ian Taylor dives into object-oriented CSS, Cennydd Bowles explains the design decisions behind the new TweetDeck, Chris Coyier answers more questions over on Smashing Magazine, Drew Wilson released all the Valio Con videos and so much more. Enjoy.

CSS Box-Sizing

Having a little knowledge of how the box-sizing property works and when you can utilise it is a neat trick to have up your sleeve. The reason for using the box-sizing property in your CSS is to alter the default CSS box model. Modifying the box model gives you the option of whether or not an element’s width and height include padding and border or not.

Using Sass source maps in WebKit Inspector

Lennart Schoors:

If you’re using Firefox and Sass you might have heard about FireSass, but Chrome users have been out of luck until recently. This is where source maps come into play. Source maps are a language-agnostic way of pointing your inspector to the right location in your unminified and uncombined files. Originally devised for JavaScript, they can equally be applied to CSS preprocessors.

A fairly recent commit enabled experimental support for Sass source maps in Chrome, so make sure you’re running at least Chrome 24.

Awesome! Well, thats if you are into the CSS preprocessor world.