Twitter Bootstrap 2.1.0 released

Twitter Bootstrap Blog:

New docs, affix plugin, submenus on dropdowns, block buttons, image styles, fluid grid offsets, new navbar, increased font-size and line-height, 120+ closed bugs, and more. Go get it.

Jake Bresnehan

A Front End Developer based in Sydney and the creator of Web Design Weekly.

Web Design Weekly keeps developers at the forefront of techniques and trends whilst helping them learn and grow to produce top quality code to make the web a better place for all.

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  1. Your site is awesome. I want to ask you a question but I dont know whether it is a right place to ask. I am hearing this word twitter bootstrap for nearly 6 months. What does it actually meant. I have no idea about it. Can you please give a little explanation about it.

    • Twitter Bootstrap is a powerful front-end framework for fast easier web development. I would highly recommend heading over to the site, download it and just start experiment with it. The documentation is great so you shouldn’t have a problem.

      You can use it for prototyping ideas, high fidelity mock-ups or as a starting point for your sites.

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