Month: January 2012

Web Design Weekly #28

Headlines Nerdi Nerdi is an attempt to organise and make useful the tons of great web design and development utilities that are out there on the web. It is continually maintained and frequently updated with new features that aim to allow users to quickly and easily find just the right tool for them. ( HTML5 […]

Web Design Weekly #27

Headlines Making Love To WebKit If the world is going to end in 2012, will at least go out in style! Steven Wittens redesign is off the hook! View in a WebKit-browser like Chrome, Safari or even an iPad and you will not be disappointed. ( Paul Irish talks Pokémon The boys (Chris Coyier […]

Web Design Weekly #26

Headlines Smashing Magazine (re-design) Big move by the Smashing Magazine team. A huge task that was much needed and executed very well. If you haven’t dug into the code already, head over now and why you are there, give those guys a pat on the back. ( CSS Selector Performance has changed! Nicole Sullivan dives […]